B-Teams of Waterdeep

Episode 31: Port Nyancatzaru
I've got nothing on this one.

So as we arrive at Port Nyanzaru, we arrive at the wharf and see a Duergar Submarine rising out of the water, which rolls out a red carpet and out comes Emjitus, Empress of Dracklestugh. She rolls out, with porters bringing her bags. And they ceremoniously bring her to our party, and promptly leave. Themberchaud was being a mega-saurus about their conjugal status.

Apparently, there’s a lot of refugees from Neverwinter and Waterdeep, so Emjitus and Pidge walk the waterfront, trying to recruit prostitutes for the New Underdark Hospitality Business. Emjitus finds that most of the able-bodied individuals have gone to Jobal, a Merchant Prince who runs the arenas and sellswords, and Jessamine, who runs the questionable trades in Port Nyanzaru.

Rodrigo and Felo’sial approach the Temple of Savras, where we see an old man arguing with three black cloaked individuals, who is trying to get the old man to take their money. Rodrigo Creates Food and Water to make them scarce. The priest of Savras says that he has had visions of the Conqueror Worm coming, but he is indifferent about it because visions are inevitable, but the real troubles are the undead in the jungles and the snake people doing the ritual sacrifices to reawaken the Night Serpent. (Also, every time Dendar is mentioned in their presence, Pidge, Emjitus, and Felo’sial shudder and if their wills aren’t braced, double over.) Grandfather Zetembe says that there is also a hag named Nani Pu’pu who may be able to get us more information. The Yuan-ti are taking people and making sacrifices in the jungles.

We go to the dinosaur market and do a shopping episode and we purchase a triceratops, a baby triceratops, a unicorn bunny, a flying monkey, a rock lobster, and two mystery potions for 800 gold. We free the lobster man and give him his unicorn bunny back and send him on the way. We name the triceratops Lathander’s Dawn. Well, Rodrigo does.

The Yuan-ti have been trying to raise an aspect of Dendar named Set to summon Dendar. Ubtao’s essence was split and trapped in the Tomb of the Nine Gods and perhaps Dendar is not the only god who needs to get roused. The location of the Tomb of the Nine Gods seems to have been erased from Chultan History. The Nine Gods have risen to prominence recently in the past 5 years.

Also, the monkey flies away but Felo’sial caught him. Apparently, the monkey was an adventurer who was cursed by a snake statue. He promises us that if we take him with us, he’ll point out the statue. His name is Naza, and he’s a Yuan-ti, and he mentions that he is Chosen of Dendar. This gives Felo’sial a headache so we go find the Lost Lords of Waterdeep to get a tent for the night. Waiting inside the tent is a Chultan woman wrapped in fine robes, with fine delicacies and lobsters. She is Jessamine, another of the Merchant Princes who Emjitus was referred to. Apparently, the Lost are hiding in Camp Righteous and Camp Vengeance, and could send an emissary in two to three weeks. Rodrigo blows this off and says we could get there ourselves.

Jessamine asks us to pass a note to Nani Pupu because she is under a curse of dark magics that Rodrigo can’t cure, so he becomes really interested in this. Emjitus offers to find her cure in exchange for her Merchant Praxis. Pidge goes hunting for food. Rodrigo sets the party for a word of recall and casts Geas on the Monkey snake man giving him the Asimov’s laws on him. We spend 33 gold on rations for 11 days for us just in case.

Episode 30: Mist Opportunities
Do you still join the Mile High Club if it's only you?


So, there is this figure called the Ivory Duke who wants to give Faerun to the Faerunians, who wants to make Waterdeep great again. The Council of Waterdeep was the reason, he says, that all this happened.

Also, Rodrigo is having weird nightmares about Orcus coming back, and Rodrigo vanquishes Orcus, but Lollth comes down from above and kills him. Felo’sial, meanwhile, is having weird episodes where they zone in and out and are talking to people who don’t seem to be there.

Rodrigo starts researching this, and Felo’sial helps out, and they discover that Lollth is trying to overlay the Abyss on the Nine Hells but she is unable to tap into the Primordial Chaos, but Dendar the Night Serpent might be the key. This is what we must stop to get break the ascension ritual. They make preparations to leave for Chult because that is where Dendar is said to sleep, and Donagan says that since we’re lacking on the meat department, he hired us a fighter named Pidge to work for us. Donagan seemed real protective of this girl who seemed a little… you know, off. Like she was a little, you know… different. But then, she’s here with Felo’sial and Rodrigo, so who can judge? (OOC: We’re sure she’s a sex robot brought to life by Donagan.)

Then, there’s a knock on the door and Amra Ma’ak, Spearbearer of Ubtao shows up and proclaims that she’s been sent with a vision that shows the shareholders of Gorcorp lying dead before the corpse of the Lolth being eaten by Dendar the Nightserpent and so Amra is here to stop it.

Rodrigo does a bunch of downtime stuff creating a pharmaceuticals and funneling that money into creating his own semi-nation in the South Ward with the Church of the New Dawn, and he creates a new temple there. He sends a message to Emjitus to meet them in Port Nyanzaru. Marl and Caléb have been called away on “family business”, but he leaves a message for them too.

We start heading to Port Nyanzaru and we are stopped by House D’Leanor agents who say they would love to speak with the missing citizens in Chult. Former Masked Lord Brownpike arranages our passage to the Port on an airship because he’s trying to hide the “Lost”, the remaining Lords of Waterdeep in Port Nyanzaru too. So yeah, Pidge and Amra are all walking around topless, and I think Felo’sial offered to massage them, so Rodrigo spends some time in his bunk, polishing his mace. Like seriously, there was something in the air.

On the way there, we come across a Mist Dragon (Jason’s reskinned Shadow Dragon) who was going to attack and eat the airship, but he promised to let us go if we paid him homage or solved his “Very Hard Dragon Riddles that were totally not from the Internet” that Jason googled right there and then. We asked how much he wanted to be paid and he actually wanted a favor from us. Given that this whole thing seemed impromptu, I opted to not go with the favor since that seemed like it would be a sidequest that would distract us from our mission but now it seems like there might have been something where we would have ended up having a chance to do the favor anyways(?) so I guess that was a Mist Opportunity!

Lab Notes
Nothing Important

“The experiment was a success. But…”

“But what?”

“It only was successful after the final variable was implemented.”

“…that is not totally unexpected…but it is unfortunate. Are there any traces of…”

“No…let’s not say the name. I would imagine that mentioning such will only empower whatever traces recognize such a label.”

“Are you certain that is a correct hypothesis?”

“Look, I’m not the one who provided such…reprocessed materia for the experiment. It is not my fault that every other experiment resulted in something…wrong. The manuals provided said that this would always be the case. Whether the materia was flesh, or bone, or anything formerly living, it was always filled with…necrosis.”

“That’s what you’re calling it?”

“What else do you have to label it?”

“I see your point.”

“If the source of this is correct, then perhaps the energy behind such has finally been…purified. It is…mortal. And like all mortals…”

“It can be corrupted. See to it that it is not.”

“How? I’m not…”

“You’re smarter than the others think, you will find out. Once we can correctly replicate the procedure, perhaps we can find a way to use it to purify the others.”

“…well if that’s the case…okay.”

Episode 29: Lorde of Waterdeep
We could be Royals.

Grazzt tries to talk us out of this, but Kinrith steps up and fireballs him. Grazzt hides and pussyfoots around, robbing us of our battle plan. We manage to wear him down, despite the actions of his minions, and Marl strikes him down, absorbing his essence. Kinrith dies in the process and does not want to be raised.

Rodrigo puts some things into some semblance of order and heads to the surface with Marl and Felo’sial. Emjitus stays behind to raise her eggs and rule over the Themberchaud empire.

There are three major factions in the Underdark: the Zhentarim trade alliance, Themberchaud empire, and the Kingdom of Blindstone.

The three of travelers make it back and find Halffrost who apparently missed Rodrigo, a first for him! When they get back to Goran Keep, Bonechewer has been getting tutorial sessions, and Donagan has been studying a black pearl, which Felo’sial’s second head screams at because it contains Llolth’s essence and Caleb D’Leanor wanted to present it to the Masked Lords of Waterdeep to use it against her.

Donagan also tells them to go downstairs to the cells, and we find Strazar down there! Also, we find out that Caleb didn’t stab us in the back, but he was stayed back to keep things from working too hard.

We go to report to the Masked Lords, and the thing of Llolth explodes, going all Batman v Superman, and we manage to save Laeral Silverhand, but yeah.

Oh, and it turns out it was Tenabrae was the one controlling Strazar’s mind and gives him a knife giving him a way out.

To be continued!

Episode 28
This one was worse.

We decide to move the ritual to Grackleslug, and get Themberchaud to agree with our plan in exchange for demonic weapons that may fall. We set up a Hallowed ground and Rodrigo calls in a Planar Ally for 5,000 gold and a promise to be a godparent to the dragon egg, and they have a Heroes’s Feast for a total of 7,000 gold.

Marl promises to do his ritual promise, and we complete the ritual with only one failure.

During the ritual, the first demon to fall is Baphoment, making Kinrith grow some horns. Zuggytomyt falls next, causing Emjitus to grow fungus. Then Yeenghou goes out, but he goes back to the Abyss, but he gets eaten by Llolth. Felo’sial grows another head after they absorb Demogorgon. The only one who remains is Grazzt who claims dominion over the Underdark and wants us to ally with him against Llolth.

Episode 27
I was terrible at keeping notes

So the dragon, Themberchaud, hearing these rumors of Emjitus being the heir of Grackleslug, proposes a ritual marriage with Emjitus, where Emjitus is the figurehead Empress of Grackleslug and Themberchaud would be the defecto rulers. Emjitus agrees, and they seal the deal with a ritual and a bit of Emjitus’s soul goes into an egg where they will produce an heir. He also gives us tabards and commissions us to be her bodyguard.

Marl produces 6 angel feathers for the ritual and doesn’t go to detail about where he got them, but mentions he had to take care of two minotaurs who are now his pauldrons.

We go to Manthol Derith to get some items and spend 65000 gold and buy two bracers of defense, full plate +1 and a dwarven thrower.

We then spell up and go after the beholder. Jason forgot that Rodrigo can turn undead.
And then Kinrith shows up and throws the beholder through hell. He accepts our geas and signs on for the fun.

Hells on Faerûn
Prologue to Season 3

The Surviving Lords of Waterdeep (led by Laerel Silverhand and the Blackstaff) are in hiding, and House D’Leanore has, with the Zhentarim, finished rebuilding the City of Splendor. Unfortunately, this has given them a great deal of influence among the citizens, with tacit support from the nobility that they keep indentured through assorted skeletons in closets. There is a push to elevate a single individual as Lord Protector of Waterdeep, and have them act as the first true “ruler” of the city, until the Council of Waterdeep can be established once again. The candidates are:

• Renaer Neverember, the son of Dagault Neverember, heir to his claim on Neverwinter, and an alleged member of the Moonstars, has used numerous resources to keep the peace among those who distrust House D’Leanore for their alleged nefarious connections and those who trust them a little too much.

• Arginine D’Leanore, the “rightful heir” to House D’Leanore, and one of the only members of the family who has stayed “untainted” by the rumors surrounding the House. He is also a survivor of the destruction of the Council of Waterdeep, and is rumored to have personally saved Laerel Silverhand from death.

• Lady Mariel B. Nerisaga, one of the wealthiest nobles of Waterdeep, and another supposed survivor of the destruction of the Council of Waterdeep. She has spent much of her family’s fortune keeping the people fed and safe (as well as given many of her lands to house those who need homes). No one has spent more than her, and the people of Waterdeep are loathed to add to her troubles the burden of leadership (and yet some would want to see her elevated).

Why have the surviving lords been so quiet? Several rumors abound, but Gorcorp has found themselves receiving missives from “The Lost” as they no call themselves. “The Lost” are dispersed around Faerûn, chasing leads and putting their considerable power and influence to good use while the “nefarious ones” do the heavy lifting of rebuilding and stabilizing Waterdeep for them. Why? Because Lolth has set her sights on domination of not just the Abyss, but the Nine Hells as well. With all demons united under her banner, she has brought order to the chaotic brood, and is making more headway in the Blood War than any could have anticipated. The Dukes of the Hells, loathed to admit it, have united to face her…but their own machinations to replicate Lolth’s path to success has kept their alliance in check. It is not a matter of if, but when Lolth succeeds in defeating them and becomes the Queen of Evil, and finally sets her sights on Faerûn.

As such, the Lost have been seeking out ways to defeat Lolth, and her allies (the Drow/Duergar Confederacy, which currently has Neverwinter under their control, and House D’Leanore, which holds Waterdeep). To strike her down, it is not enough to build an army capable of fighting the combined forces of the Abyss and the Hells…they must scour her from existence. The only way, the Lost posit, are to find artifacts known as “The Essence of the Primordial,” items that possess traces of the forces of creation itself. Once found, a “prime essence” can be bound with its opposite, and create a powerful brand that can, in the right hands, hurt a god or goddess. With enough, it can even kill them.

The Lost also posit that it isn’t enough to kill Lolth; there are other rituals that must be taken to contain the evil she is growing to represent. What those are, they have yet to uncover.

Break Fast
A Rodrigo megadrabble

Rodrigo held the mushroom bread before him and said the simple prayer again.

“Lathander, Dawnlord, I greet you at the Dawn of the New Day. For though I walk in darkness, you are my light and my sunrise, and I need not fear. For no matter how dark the night, there is always a new dawn. Morninglord, hear my prayer. Let today be a good day, I beseech you.”

He bit into the bread, and at once was visited by the revolting smell of manure and detritus, and felt small gnomish hands pluck him from his stem, placing him in a basket with his fellow mushrooms. The vision cleared as he spit out the bit of bread. Today would not be a good day.

Or rather, today will not be good in that way. But I am the Dawnbringer of Lathander, I am his light here in this sunless place. Picking up his mace, the holy symbols on it flared to light casting a warm glow over all. Soon we will rid this place of the foul demons and return to the lands above where I can sit and see the sun again. Then Lathander will purify me again.

I do hope Brother Manteal is doing well, amidst the fiends of the surface. May his light comfort those who need it most, O Lathander.

Unwrapping the tasteless wafers he had created the night before, he snapped them in half and ate them, the food of Lathander allowing him the strength to greet another day and face down another night.

Episode 26: Another One Bites the Dust
We have to go fuck up that beholder again.

So Gilber comes back as an undead creature, but Rodrigo casts Zone of Truth and starts interrogating the thing. Unfortunately, he tries to go invisible so Rodrigo has to blast the area with holy radiance. So we go back to Themberchaud and try to bluster with him about the fact that he didn’t give us a good ally, but he is an arrogant asshole of dragon and doesn’t back down so we leave in a huff and promise we’ll be back, which we will, hopefully with an army at our backs so we will be in more of a power position. We also find out that Emjitus is the last of her line and could be crowned Emperor of Gracklsug if we needed to, another power chip we can use next time we come back, so we start leaving hints and rumors about that.

We head toward Worm Writhings to get the purple worm eggs. We encounter a band of troglodytes arguing about going and getting their leader’s girlfriend back but they descend into a brawl/orgy. We decide to sneak by, but Felo’sial gets really really angry that they killed a bunch of drow, so they take a point of madness to cast a super-empowered firestorm spell. The rest of the party gets upset about this, but Felo’sial is all “You surface-dwellers don’t understand” and Rodrigo is all “yeah, cuz you don’t tell us” and Felo’sial is all sulky Hot Topic Emo Drow.

We walk through a fungus forest and Mudkip gets 3 pounds of blue something mushrooms as he goes to town on that. Rodrigo tries chasing him down to tell him he should come back here after the demons are gone.

We find a skeleton with a +2 drow leather armor and a ring of free action and then a purple worm busts through the tunnel and opens us a path to the worm nest. We send sneaky Mudkip to sneak in and steal some eggs. He does so and avoids the encounter, yay! And we got 3 purple worm eggs! As we leave Worms Writhings, we encounter a shady as fuck guy in a robe who asks us if we’re slave traders after a bit of conversation. Rodrigo manages to pass himself off as a potential skin trader, and finds out that this eye tattoo guy serves the great god Kerakazar, the all seeing. Rodrigo tries to let everyone know it’s the beholder and we should go along and find the beholder piece.

We walk over a bridge and the beholder appears about 20 feet away.


Rodrigo and Mudkip gets enervated and die after a little bit of back and forth with the beholder. The beholder flees away, leaving the corpses behind. The party flees and brings the bodies to Themberchaud and they give Mudkip to the dragon in exchange for Rodrigo’s resurrection.

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