B-Teams of Waterdeep

Episode 10: When there's lightning, it always brings me down

Like a Rainbow in the Dark!

As we rest before delving into the Chichen Itza dungeon, during the night a horrendous flat lightning storm emanating from top of the tower to the clouds, giving Piernon flashbacks. Caleb tries singing a soothing song to no effect, and Moonshadow tries a soothing handjob to little effect.

The entrance to dungeon has a wall of magical darkness keeping us from peering through. As we push through, we encounter another, larger Chichen Itza with a hoard of treasure piled around it, and a black dragon coiled around that. But the Black Dragon isn’t an actual dragon. It’s just been someone transformed by dark magics. He is currently content to stay rolling in its hoard. So we elect to leave it be, and it gives us a poozle box for us to solve. It’s the WUBRG order. Moonshadow gets a ring of spell storing, Emjitus gets a cape of the mountebank, Strazar gets a figurine of wonderous power (Ivory Goats), Rodrigo gets a Mace of Disruption, Caleb gets a ring of water walking, and Piernon pulls out another set of Demon Plate armor.

We continue onward up the pyramid, with lightning bringing us down, as we enter into the eye of this unnatural storm. Standing in the center, with all the elements swirling around, is an eleven women with stitched dragon wings, and a tall figure, taller than the throne set in the center, wearing robes of the apostasy, but finer and wearing a crown.

King Badass seems to be channeling all this storm. He is a cyclops with a multi-colored eye and five colored dragon scales. He stops his ritual for a little bit to let us know that he’s the high priest of the apostasy, The Apostate ™. He channels a ritual of Demogorgon that turns the last of the elemental priestesses into a multi-headed dragon.

Roll initiative!

We kill the dragon and then Rodrigo gets paralyzed because that Rose Assassin dick of Mask arrows him. But he survived and we all leveled up!


JasonChapa cimedacachris

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