B-Teams of Waterdeep

Father and Son

The Night is Long in Neverwinter...

“Father, I don’t believe I speak with any hyperbole when I say this is all your fault.”

“I disagree.”

“You were the Open Lord when Order 38 was put forth, when I know for a fact numerous lords petitioned you to NOT put it forward.”

“It was the lesser of many evils, my son. The city was in shambles. And we have done MUCH to stem the slave trade, even though it still lingers thanks to the Zhentarim and the Pirates. We had too many prisoners of the cults to be able to take care of. Their…indentured servitude was working insofar that it was helping them be reintroduced into society and rebuild the destruction they caused.”

“There were too many variables, and you know that. The Wizarding Schools have constantly stated that their Mind Magics can only go so far…and now many of those ‘servants’ have returned back to their cultist ways. What do you say about that?”

“It’s a threat that we are aware of, and that our agents our dealing with, from here to Baldur’s Gate.”

“Your agents? Meaning the mercenaries and sellswords you’re using to push through your agenda? How many cells have they put down? How many lives have they saved?”

“Enough. And haven’t you heard? A band of heroes responsible for defeating many of those cultists are making their way to Neverwinter. I am certain they will be…pliable when it comes to defeating Nerroth.”

“Nerroth is responsible for the deaths of thousands, and you expect others to bring justice upon its maw?”

“One of their own owes me a debt…that must be repaid. I believe it to be an investment finally paying off.”

“Is THAT what everything is to you, father? Well, I will not stand for any of this. You may have recruited those capable of cleaning up your messes, but I will not play any part in obscuring the truth. I will see the dragon defeated myself.”


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