Interesting Locations


Ghouls of a previously unencountered physiology have been speaking of “Darakhul,” and violently seeking to convert the living denizens of the Underdark into its newest citizens. Any settlements they have converted all bear the name, “Darakhul,” implying in the very least a very basic attempt at empire building. If harassed, the Darakhul Ghouls refer to themselves as the “Chosen of Orcus” before attempting to convert said harasser to their foul orthodoxy. It doesn’t take many to overwhelm settlements unprepared for reclamation.


Mantol-Derith is a trading city situated in an underground cavern three miles below the surface, and is located in a twisted cavern 60–70 feet tall and twice as wide. The city is heavily guarded and protected by strong magic. The cavern was naturally formed by water because of its proximity to the Darklake, and was filled with waterfalls, pools, and streams. Its walls are filled with multicolored crystals and gems. Bridges across the various streams were carved from crystal. The city itself primarily comprised trade caravans and campsites manned by a trade alliance between the Zhentarim, the drow, the duergar and the Svirfneblin.

The Stone Library

Little is known by those who haven’t been, but deep in the Underdark is a gigantic library filled with scrolls and tomes of ancient lore. The “Stone Librarians” are a trio of stone giants that protect its halls, allowing any scholar who wishes entrance to submit to recording of their research to be taken for future pursuits, and contribute a tome or scroll of their own to access the others housed within…until the Demon Lord Orcus came and destroyed everything housed within that did not flee.

Interesting Locations

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