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The Rage of Demons, Redux

Important Information Known to Most
Chult Background Information
Chultan Natives

Underdark Background Information
Demon Madness
Factions of the Underdark
Interesting Locations
Strange Things Below
Underdark Inhabitants

Waterdeep Background Information
Factions of Waterdeep
The Lords of Waterdeep
Lies, Rumor and Slander

Dramatis Personae
Bifo, Bumbo and Bibbo
The Ghost of Baudric of House Goran
Davtran Halfrost, Halfling-About-Town
Donogan Ianpos, Gnomish Butler/Chemist
Gilber Garce, the Violet Rose
Jeffers, the Butler
Lady Mariel Baudrillard Nerisaga
Radiant Maneal Marsk
Matron Selenia Lunestar, Chosen of Lolth
Mig Dougherty, Old-Money
Mul the Bone Chewer, Sole Survivor
“Nemita,” Magister of Baldur’s Gate
Pieron Piscar, Victim of Armor-based Affluenza
“Shade,” Red Sash Handler
Tenebrae, the Haruspex
Themberchaud, Emperor of Gracklstugh
Var Honorlosh, Gnomish Speaker-to-the-Dead

Legends, Myths and Things Left Unsaid
The Apostate, Chosen of Chaos
Graz’zt, the Dark Prince
Orcus, Prince of Undeath
Sir Lemmy Killmaster, Hero-Turned-Legend

Locations of Import
Goran Keep, Befallen Noble House
The Mermaid’s Arms, the Cleanest Tavern in the Dock Ward
The House of Good Spirits, Home of the Lemmy

Items of Power and Wonder
Boots of the Winterlands
Circlet of Blasting
The Signet Ring of Baudric Goran
Gravenbane the Mace
The Heart of Darkness
Miscellaneous Magical Goods

Downtime Activities
Public Downtime Actions
Private Downtime Actions

Misc. Information
Keep Upgrades
Potential Hirelings

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